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Testimonials: Testimonials

"Leading up to Cathy’s move to Wiltshire, we had been consulting with Cathy as a family at her Homoeopathic  practice in Farnham for a number of years. Cathy’s deep understanding of the human being goes way beyond her training in homoeopathic medicine, with her love of helping people using alternative methods crystal clear.

Cathy has a quietly strong disposition enabling the creation of a safe, reassuring and comfortable environment with a professional touch. I trust Cathy completely and am so happy to be able to access her wise council and advice regarding Homoeopathic remedies once again.”

Tracy Palmer-Scott, Guildford, Surrey

"A good homoeopath is like a good detective, building a picture of the case from patterns the patient presents with. Cathy is one of those. She is smart, focused and caring. Speaking as a patient, Cathy has demonstrated time and again that homoeopathy really does work."

Robert Brock, Farnham, Surrey

"I was introduced to Cathy and homoeopathy when my son was a small baby with eczema. I was blown away by how such a tiny pill could have such a massive, positive effect on his skin, and I never looked back. Cathy has treated my whole family over many years for numerous complaints from common ailments to acute first aid. Even my husband, who was a real sceptic, is now a complete convert!"

Katie Headey, Farnham, Surrey

"Until I started using Homeopathy I viewed my health as a series of symptoms. Homeopathy has helped me enormously by taking a holistic approach and made a real difference to my physical and emotional health. Rather than changing me Homeopathy has allowed me to be the person I want to be. I can't recommend it enough and Cathy is a superb practitioner."

Jacquelyn Miller, Farnborough, Hampshire

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