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I was first introduced to homoeopathy in 1992 when my son was successfully treated for recurrent coughs and ear infections.  Homoeopathy became part of our toolkit for keeping ourselves healthy.  Qualifying as a homoeopath myself in 2003 I built a busy practice in Farnham, Surrey - where I often treated several members of one family - helping to maintain or restore good balance physically, emotionally and mentally. Working with individuals suffering from a wide range of conditions including migraines, hormonal imbalances, skin conditions, digestive complaints and the general stresses and strains of every day life, my approach was collaborative - encouraging and supporting each person to re-find their optimum level of health.  

In addition to my work as a homoeopath I was a childbirth educator for over 25 years and yoga teacher for 15.  I am now living in Wiltshire and here my practice primarily focuses on women's health and the times of transition in their lives - menstruation, fertility, pregnancy, postnatal challenges and all the way into the menopause and beyond.  This does not exclude other family members but it does reflect the the most common reasons I have been consulted about and the professional path I have followed. Now using a combination of homoeopathy, yoga practices and nutrition I continue strive to both educate and support my patients to live healthier lives. It is fabulous to be able to work with patients from my previous practice using Zoom and now also welcome new patients. 

My approach is a very holistic one - working physically, emotionally and energetically with each individual.  

I offer a tailor-made, therapeutic relationship which offers the precious gift of time and a listening ear. 

My aim is to help each person reach their optimum level of health in the most comfortable way possible. 

Cathy Welch RSHom BSc (hons) 

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