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Striving for optimum health

At the first consultation you will be asked to describe in detail your current state of health. A medical history will be taken, of you and your immediate family, including immunisations and any major illnesses you have experienced in the past or present. You will be asked about what your expectations of treatment are and encouraged to consider undertaking some home yoga practice with a tailor-made recording provided by me (if relevant) in addition to your remedies.

The key to homoeopathy is understanding the uniqueness of each person. You will be asked questions about your emotions, appetite, food
likes and dislikes, sleep patterns and how you react to the surrounding environment, for example weather changes. All this information gives a really good idea of you as an individual and will help to identify the most suitable remedy.

Think of homoeopathy as treating the soil to make it strong and fertile rather than eliminating the weeds. 

First consultations are an in-depth exploration that usually last approximately 1½ hours and follow-up appointments last roughly 45 minutes. The cost of consultations reflects the additional time taken afterwards to analyse the case, decide on the best remedy protocol, consider and record any yoga practices that might help relieve symptoms or restore balance, as well as giving consideration to dietary changes that could enhance wellness. 

Please note that most consultations currently take place online (using Zoom) and will usually be on a Thursday.



First consultation - £120.00

Follow up consultations - £70.00

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